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- Posted 11/09/2023
I brought my Iphone 11 Pro in thinking I needed a new speaker. The Service rep said lets see if the speaker is dirty before we change out the speaker. Sure enough, the speaker was dirty. He could easily have told me I needed a new speaker. Ya gotta love honest people. They have a new customer for life.

Submitted by Rick E

- Posted 10/27/2023
I brought in 2 laptops, that I guess were beyond their prime and received excellent low-cost advice on how to upgrade them! At the Slidell Office they will not steer you wrong, even if it means they can possibly lose money! Nemo, who I dealt with is a righteous business man (take note businesses looking for quality driven work)!!! I would recommend these folks in a heartbeat!!! Oh and they are open on Saturdays when other businesses are not!

Submitted by P. Faust

- Posted 08/14/2023
Brought my wife's I-phone in after going to Best Buy given a quote of $250. The young lady at the front fixed it right there. When I asked how much she said no charge. Will definitely go back if I need help. Quick and efficient.

Submitted by Larry Brisini

- Posted 08/08/2023
My iPad stopped charging so I brought it in thinking I would need a new charging port installed. Instead, the lady brought it in the back, pulled out a piece of my charger that had gotten stuck in there and said there would be no charge! Very much appreciated and I will definitely return for future repairs.

Submitted by Gina

- Posted 05/27/2023
Very satisfied customer at Slidell location!! Quickly found problem with iPhone and resolved the problem. Very helpful and professional. Excellent service every time I have visited this location.

Submitted by Mike

- Posted 05/17/2023
to Hannah at the Slidell store . Thank you so much for your help today . you saved the day .

Submitted by Allen F

- Posted 12/22/2022
OK, so I bought a refurbed Iphone 11 pro max through Walmart.com (Bad idea...need to drive to Covington if you need to make a return...). Anyhoo, the ear speaker was muffled and made it very difficult to hear/understand callers. I eventually realized that it might be cheaper and/or more efficient to replace the speaker than to deal with returning it. Got a good price from iSupply over the phone and brought it in. The gentleman took the phone and said i'll be back in a minute. He went in the back and cleaned out the speaker in less than 5 minutes. He came back with it working perfectly and said

Submitted by Darryl

- Posted 12/17/2022
Great customer service. Professional establishment. Thank you for fixing my cracked iPad and putting a rush on it due to us leaving the area in a couple days.

Submitted by D. Lara

- Posted 11/01/2022
Had a charging port issue. Took care of me in no time! Great service!

Submitted by Herbert Weysham

- Posted 06/01/2022
iSupply replaced my iPhone 7+ in less than 40 minutes. Great service and value! I highly recommend Slidell iSupply!

Submitted by Daniel

- Posted 04/28/2022
The isupply in Slidell is great. I’ve only used it twice but both times they were a GREAT help. Unfortunately I didn’t get the two people who helped me names. The second time I used them was for my iPad. The screen was cracked or so I thought. Was looking at an expensive replacement but the gentleman who helped me said it was only the screen protector that was cracked. He removed it for me at no charge. He was very honest because he could have pretended to replace it and I would never had known.

Submitted by Patricia

- Posted 02/02/2022
I Supply is the best phone company I have ever been too. My phone broke and while they are fixing it they are lending me a temporary phone so I can call and keep in touch with my Wife who is in the hospital with LUNG Cancer. I supply has went above and beyond their job to help me. I really want to thank them with all my heart. and I recommend I Supply to anyone who needs their phone fixed right. God Bless the employees at I Supply. This is no made up story, it is the facts and truth. words can not describe how grateful I am to I supply, thank you.

Submitted by Neil

- Posted 12/18/2021
Just spoke to a very nice and professional gentleman at iSupply about a battery issue on my phone. He assured me that he could bring my phone in to replace the battery, while I waited and he had the battery in stock. I will see them this afternoon.

Submitted by Steve Herrington

- Posted 11/28/2021
The best place for everything you need for iPhone , computer repair I have been one year with them and I’m so happy with their services and always gave me discounts . The customer service so nice and helpful .

Submitted by Hala Zidan

- Posted 09/11/2021
These guys are so nice in the Slidell store. They fixed the broken screen on my phone. Same day, no problem. Very professional service. We will always come back. Thank you Mr. D. 🙋🏼‍♀️

Submitted by Becky M.

- Posted 07/24/2021
I have never cracked a screen. But isupply was easy and convenient and fair price. They were friendly. Thank you for you help.

Submitted by Amanda Urich

- Posted 02/02/2021
I went to iSupply Slidell yesterday, February 1, 2021. My iPhone would not take a charge and thought it would be an expensive repair. The owner was right there to greet me when I walked in the door. After hearing about the problem he took the phone and started cleaning the charging port. He plugged it in a charger after cleaning and it took the charge. I don't know about other phone repair shops in Slidell, but I do know iSupply knows their business and they are honest. They didn't even charge me for the cleaning. I will go to them whenever I have a problem with my phones or computer.

Submitted by John Kovalcik

- Posted 08/24/2020
I just wanted to praise the service I got at the 3500 Veterans Blvd. Metairie, LA store. My screen was broken and Verizon could only sell me a new $180 phone and Ubreak Ifix needed a week to order the part and then 3 hours to fix it, but iSupply on Saturday, 8/22/20, 5:45 pm had the part and with only minutes before closing, the young lady and the young man gladly and politely fixed it perfectly in less than 30 minutes and after working past closing to help me the young man said

Submitted by Andy L

- Posted 06/30/2020
My AT&T LG K10 died. I purchased an new LG K40 from the AT&T store but they had no glass screen protectors. I went to the Slidell IService store but they didn't have any either. Nemo asked if I had an Amazon Prime account. I said yes and Nemo told me that would be the best solution. He said when you get it come back and I'll put it on. I followed his recommendation. The protector was shipped and I got it 2 days later. I took it to the IService store and they installed it free of charge. Great folks. Very helpful. Nemo's brother is the owner of both stores (Metairie). Again great people. Support local businesses. Thanks

Submitted by Gerard Bultman

- Posted 03/18/2020
Been going to this iSupply Slidell since they were located inside the Northshore Square Mall. Amazing service ran by amazing people. Went in the other day for a check up on my speaker. My back camera and volume button has been broken but I didn’t want it fixed I just wanted to know what was going on with the speaker. An hour later I came back to everything fixed, including my back camera with no charge. I have not and will never use another phone service store! I love iSupply!

Submitted by Ally

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